Why Choose us :-


tick Registered BAS Agent

It hasn’t been highly advertised but starting from the 31st August 2010 every bookkeeper providing GST, payroll or BAS services needs to be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board. The ATO has bought in this legislation to ensure that ‘bookkeepers’ have a minimum level of experience and qualifications in order to complete the job competently.

tick  Role & Deadlines

When appointing us as a bookkeeper ensure both agree on the role you want them to have from the start. This should outline the duties you want us to complete which can be anything from a month end review for the BAS or all your daily entries & reconciliations. Once this is agreed set deadlines for us so you get the information when you want it.

tick  Experience

Our experienced bookkeeper may appear to be more reasonable price, if all you are comparing is hourly rates but we are usually more efficient and can add a volume of knowledge to your business. The accounts we prepare are more accurate and can reduce the amount of time charged by your accountant who has higher rates.

tick  Up-to-Date

Legislation changes all the time, ours bookkeeper always stay up to date. We always take steps to keep informed on new GST laws and business practices. With our up-to-date bookkeeper can offer more value-added services to your business than just doing the accounts.